The Best Books of the Year

This is “part 2” of my “if you don’t want to buy a book-lover a book-themed gift then you should consider buying them an actual book” set of posts. For this one, I thought I would assemble some of the best books of the year. But, well… who is going to take MY word for it? So instead I’ve assembled a collection of lists of the best books of the year. You’ll see a lot of commonalities and some differences, which I always think is interesting!

From the New York Times: Time’s Critique’s Top Books of 2017

From Buzzfeed: The 24 Best Fiction Books of 2017

From NPR: Our Guide to 2017’s Great Reads

From Publisher’s Weekly: PW’s Best Books 2017

From the Washington Post: Best Books 2017

From Goodreads: Goodreads Choice Awards Best Books of 2017

From Entertainment Weekly: The 10 Best Books of 2017

And lastly, from Powell’s Bookstore (I’m linking directly to their YA list but all their category lists are amazing, definitely worth checking out!): Powell’s Best Books of 2017

Happy reading! Can’t wait to see what books 2018 will bring us!


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