Ursula K. Le Guin

Such sad news about such a wonderful writer. I’ve read almost everything she’s ever written fiction-wise. Her Hainish cycle (Science Fiction) was amazing (My favorite: The Left Hand of Darkness… a fascinating exploration of gender and so so much more. I love the way she incorporates “magic” in with her science, the concepts of balance and imbalance and the winding road to understanding something foreign).

But my most favorite favorite will always be her Earthsea books (fantasy)… particularly the original trilogy. And even more particularly book 2, The Tombs of AtuanIf I had to cite a formative author for me as a writer, Ursula K. Le Guin would be very high on my list (only she is so far beyond me talent-wise it would seem almost hubristic to cite her). But I love her ideas, her characters, and her writing. And I’m sad to think there won’t be anything new to come. That being said, I haven’t read her latest series of essays. It looks lovely.

Everyone, everyone check out these books!

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