Happy 6 Months Dreamscape!


Six months ago I released my debut novel. (Dreamscape, in in case any of you could possibly have missed that fact.) So, what have these last six months been like?

Answer: so many different things.

  1. Amazing. When someone asks what it is I do I can actually say “writer,” even though I’ve been writing for years, for basically my whole life if we’re being honest, even though Dreamscape is by no means the first novel I’ve ever drafted.
  2. Amazing. People I know and people I don’t are buying my book. Maybe not thousands upon thousands (maybe someday), but even so. People are reading the words I’ve written. My grandfather is reading the words I’ve written (and yes, hearing him discuss the plot of my YA Fantasy is as hilarious as you would imagine).
  3. Amazing. People are reviewing my book. I’ve heard some people say (and it’s usually kindly meant) not to pay too much attention to reviews, but I personally am so touched by the fact of them. It is unbelievably kind of anyone to take the time to write about my writing. And, for all you reviewers and would-be reviewers out there, please know HOW important your reviews are! Your reviews help other potential readers find my novel! (This is especially true on Amazon. I haven’t quite cracked the code on their algorithm, but safe to say the more reviews the better chance I have of coming up in the “Suggested Reading” lists. Speaking of marketing, this is about the best thing ever for an author with an indie press.) (So if you’ve left a review, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are my heroes.)
  4. Amazing. This fall I participated in my first book festival, George Mason University’s “Fall for the Book.” I was on a panel with two other amazing YA authors. Such a fun experience!
  5. Hard. And here we go. Being an author is hard. Marketing is hard (and so not my forte), frequently expensive, and only rarely rewarding. Sales are hard. It turns out writing the book is the easy part. Everything else… wow.

That said, I’m so beyond grateful to have my book out in the world. It is a literal dream come true (horribly lame pun intended).

And so, to all of you who have read Dreamscape or are thinking of reading Dreamscape, to everyone who has reviewed it, or passed it along to a friend or shared one of my posts on Facebook or Goodreads…

THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

About Kerry Reed

I read books. I write books. I like chocolate.
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