And some more giveaways…

It is officially the end of summer. Vacation is done (mine was last week, so lovely), school is on the way (or already underway for some!), and with all the fall resolutions and restarts, I have less time for reading (which these days is saying something). So, for those of you in the same boat, I wanted to end the summer in style, which is why I’ve made it as easy as possible to pick up a copy of Dreamscape if you haven’t already.

Now through the end of the month, the ebook version is on sale for $0.99! I am also running a giveaway on Amazon (ebook) from now until August 31. Not a fan of ebooks? You can pick up the print version here or stay tuned for one final giveaway coming to Goodreads in early September!

About Kerry Reed

I read books. I write books. I like chocolate.
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